Demystifying Regulations.
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We’re licensed attorneys with a passion for health law and health care compliance (hence, JurisHealth). We’re also lawyers with substantial and diverse business backgrounds. We know health law and health care compliance AND we understand what’s involved in running a company and the challenges inherent in balancing value with profitability.

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Why JurisHealth?

The benefits to you? (Hint: We’re lawyers with decades of experience in the business world.) We offer more than “just” compliance services. We interpret, translate, and can apply the laws, regulations, and rules pertaining to you. We tailor appropriate and flexible solutions to ensure you are in – and maintain – legal and ethical compliance. And we strive for these initiatives to strengthen your relationships, reputation, and profitability.

Demystifying regulations. Building reputations.®


We know that not too many people get excited when they hear the word compliance. To many the word is associated with unpleasant and daunting tasks. Yet you will surely face a more unpleasant experience if the government examines your facility and you only have an off-the-shelf compliance binder – or you don’t even have that. We like to compare compliance to that vaccination that you don’t want, but you know you need. The significant benefits provided by the needle greatly outweigh the brief discomfort. Implemented with an eye toward strengthening relationships, compliance can be a strategic differentiator for your organization that, like the vaccine, helps everyone feel protected.

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Health law and health care guidance and compliance for: …

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A lot has changed. More entities than ever before, including non-health care entities, are subject to compliance with numerous and ever-changing federal and state laws, regulations and rules. …

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JurisHealth, PLLC is a law firm dedicated to demystifying complex and ever-changing health care regulations and assisting providers meet legal and ethical obligations. …

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Amy J. Holzman, Esq.
Founding Partner, JurisHealth

Shireen K. Gandhi, Esq.
Founding Partner, JurisHealth

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